ridgeracerNamco Bandai recently announced Tekken Revolution a brand new free 2 play title for PlayStation 3 but that doesn’t look like the only free 2 play title under their ever expanding belt. Ridge Racer Driftopia is set to be their next free 2 play title which is scheduled to launch on Steam and PlayStation 3 some time this year.

The video above has been on Namco Bandai’s YouTube channel since April so the game has been out there for a few months. At E3, Tekken series director Katsuhiro Harada was demonstrating the game to press and the public and explained some of the games free 2 play mechanics, because as you’d expect for a free 2 play title, there’s something in it enticing you to spend real money.

From the video above it looks as if different car packs will be one of the available in-game purchases as well as Repair Kits and XP Boosts. As your car gets damaged you’ll need to repair it as the damage continues over until you eventually destroy your car and lose it forever. The Repair Kits become available to users over time but more can be purchased if needed.

I’ve been on the look out for a decent free-to-play racing game for a while and it looks like Namco Bandai might be able to fill that void. There’s not set release date just yet other than a vague 2013 release date at the end of the video.

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