codghostsI love the few days leading up to E3. Not only is there the excitement for the event itself, but there’s always a handful of different events or broadcasts that hope to show something awesome and create hype before the bigger event. The one I’m noting down is the Call of Duty: Ghosts All-Access pre-E3 show.

During the All-Access pre-E3 show, Infinity Ward along with hosts hosts Geoff Keighley and iJustine will be giving us exclusive early-access looks at Call of Duty: Ghosts gameplay. This includes a look at exclusive levels from the campaign, various interviews with Infinity Ward devs, awesome behind the scenes content, and much more.

The show is meant to last for around 30 minutes so you better be ready on time or you just might miss it!

You can check it out either by heading to, or your Xbox’s Machinima app, as well as a few other online streaming services. The broadcast is scheduled to begin at 11 am PDT (LA Time) / 2 pm EDT (NY Time) / 7pm BST (UK time)

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