From the masterminds at Zombie Studios, comes a terrifying game, Daylight, set to release in 2014 for the PS4 and PC as a downloadable title. The publishers at Atlus gave gamers a bit of a teaser on June 6 and really scared the pants off of viewers who were brave enough to take a look at it. Zombie Studios, who also has Blacklight Retribution in the works, built this amazing scare fest on the Unreal Engine 4. Jessica Chobot, who is the voice of the main character, wrote the amazing story.

Jared Gerritzen, Studio Director at Zombie Studios, talked about how Atlus came into publishing the game,

Since showing off a pre-alpha build of Daylight at PAX East the attention on the project has grown tremendously! With the gained attention, we were approached with the opportunity to partner with Atlus to help release Daylight worldwide on Steam and exclusively to the PlayStation 4 system. Atlus has a long history of great games and is an accomplished publisher with worldwide reach. Working with them will allow us to reach a global audience, so we’ll be able to scare even more people.  As shown on

Playing in first person, the title starts you off in a derelict apartment block, only with a cell phone generating your only light source, the players goal is to guide a woman out of the building. Along with the flash light app, you have a compass which helps you find your way out of this horrifying building. The game stands alone when it comes to the gameplay. Each level of the game is procedurally generated. That means that nothing in the game, such as clues or spectres are in the same place as they were before.

Daylight seems to have taken gamers and the Playstation 4 to the next level with the Unreal Engine 4, putting players in a beautiful atmosphere as they are moving their way through the apartment. Also the use of the RealD 3D support will sure to make the gaming experience even more exciting than ever. The title also has the use of the Playstation Eye, which give the players the chance to take pictures of themselves the moment they are scared to their wits end. The Eye also gives players to share those embarrassing photos with friends on the social networking sites. Another function is the ability to stream gameplay to friends with the systems new “Share” function.

With this game there will be no need to go out to a haunted house for a good scare. Just pick a copy of Daylight a be ready to get the daylight’s scared out of you when this title hits the shelves in 2014.

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