Teen titans go

Teen titans goSo as you’ve probably noticed the superhero genre has swung into animation. Currently like anything in comics it tends to be a two horsed race between DC and Marvel.

Cartoon Network currently airs a block called DC Nation, a time for DC to show it’s animation and various shorts to educate new fans as well as long term fans in general make to them laugh.

There’s currently controversy around the hour however about the shows currently being put on hiatus. This is mostly down to various legal issues that surrounded Young Justice prior to it getting cancelled (basically think of this show as a Firefly).

Meanwhile Marvel has took over the Disney channels producing various Avengers cartoons and a Spider-man cartoon (we’ll get to that later) as well as showing the various other Marvel cartoons from the past.

Since this scheduling is not just aimed at old school fans of a certain age, it’s aimed at everyone.

So now you’re fully educated on what’s happening on both Cartoon Network and the Disney Channel. I can bring you into the big nerd rage of the current time.

One of the cartoons DC produced a few years ago was called Teen Titans. This was anime style retelling of the superheroes teams adventures during the comic run called The New Teen Titans. Like most superhero cartoons the show was cut down in it’s prime leaving a lot of unanswered questions.

Which Robin was on the team ?

Who was Robins nemesis Red X ?

What was the big deal behind Slade identity even though it was in the comics ?

What was the big deal behind Robin being the centre of everything ?

(Ok I made the last on up.)

So when DC produced some humorous shorts based on the shows long time fans went wild leading DC to replace the fan favourite but recently cancelled Young Justice with it’s own feature length show. Initially the shows cartoonish child like nature did not strike well with fans or the fact it didn’t answer any questions.

So you can guess what happened when it get renewed for a second season. It’s also similar to the reaction of Disney’s Ultimate Spider-man cartoon, an animation clearly aimed at younger audience.

So to conclude. I am annoyed Young Justice got cancelled because the show kept going on hiatus and not because of the shows quality. But fans this world isn’t just ours we need more fans to keep it going and share those great characters that we all love.

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