gog-nodrm-2013In light of recent events surrounding the next generation consoles and their use of DRM, Good old Games has launched their summer sale titled the “No-DRM” summer sale with over 500+ games on sale which change each day until July 5th.

GOG.com are known for their awesome catalogue of nostalgia inducing games from consoles past, as well as some of the latest indie game hits all of which are DRM free meaning that you can install it and play it however and wherever you like. The sale has been in full swing for a couple of days already and it started with a bang offering up copes of Torchlight for free for 48-hours. (I’m gutted that I missed it!)

Today because of the Summer Solstice GOG are holding a special Longest Day #NoDRM Gaming Sale which features over 40 games with at least 75% off. Games such as FEZ, Hotline Miami, A huge RPG Bundle, An Alan Wake bundle, a huge Omerta bundle, The Witcher 2, Don’t Starve – seriously some of these sales are amazing.

Head over to GOG.com to check out the huge sale mentioned above available for today only!

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