chromeos_quickofficeAs the new owner of a shiny new Chromebook I’m pleased to hear that Google are working on bringing Microsoft document editing to Chrome OS. This is all finally a manifestation of Google’s acquisition of the office suite QuickOffice almost a year ago.

I’ll say right now, Chromebooks are fantastic and though it’s not exactly difficult to create word documents, it is a little awkward to edit a .doc or a .docx file. It currently requires you to convert the file to Google Docs format in order for you to edit the file. Like I said it’s a little awkward but it’s not a deal breaker.

About a year ago Google acquired the mobile office suite QuickOffice, you know, the one you find on almost every Samsung Galaxy device? Yeah. Well over a year later we’re finally seeing something come out of that acquisition, well, if you activate the developer track on your Chromebook that is..

It’s a fairly simple feature which seems to be working okay right now; it basically allows you to edit Microsoft Word and Excel files without hassle right from within your Chromebook this is done by using QuickOffice’s Microsoft Office compatibility. Like I said fairly simple.

The only way to get it right now is to switch to the developer track of Chrome OS, and set an experimental flag. To do this head to “Settings” (chrome://settings/) and then “Help” (chrome://help/) then click on “More info…” from here you can choose either the Stable, Beta, or Dev versions of Chrome OS, from here you need to enable the experimental flag. To do that head to chrome://flags, and find the “Enable document editing” entry. Bear in mind that it’s a very experimental version and bugs are expected, if you do come across any bugs head here to report them.

[Source: Android Central]

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