Google follow buttonFollowing in the footsteps of Facebook and Twitter, Google+ have finally integrated a follow button which users can integrate on their own sites. Facebook and Twitter of course, have had this functionality for two years, so Google’s wait has always seemed fairly inexplicable.

As one might expect, their ‘follow’ button works much the same as its previous incarnations on Facebook and Twitter, acting as a simple plugin for web developers that allows visitors to follow them on Google+.

The button will also display the number of followers the Google+ profile associated with that particular ‘follow’ button has, and provides a drop down menu, which serves to allow users to specify which circle they’d like to use.

Google also unveiled new badges for Google+ communities. My Google+ account has been essentially dormant since its inception two years ago and with every new feature roll out, I wonder if it’ll be the one to draw me back in. Maybe this time Google. Maybe this time.

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