Google KeyboardThere’s a multitude of different keyboards available on Android. Not only do they offer some pretty cool themes, they offer a wide range of different functionalities. Go Keyboard has a bottomless pit of themes whereas SwiftKey offers a bunch of features to improve your typing efficiency. Then there’s the Stock Android Keyboard which is now available to download in the Google Play Store.

A few months ago I fell out of love with SwiftKey, though it’s full of efficient features there are a few little bugs which have annoyed me enough to look for another keyboard. I had already tried Go Keyboard before switching to SwiftKey so all I had left was (at the time) Samsung’s bland and fairly small keyboard made specifically for tiny ant hands – something I couldn’t deal with so SwiftKey it was.

When I switched to my Nexus 4 I instantly fell in love with the stock keyboard. It was much bigger than Samsung’s attempt and much more functional. The autocorrect wasn’t too intrusive either, something I found with SwiftKey. What’s even better is that now the Stock Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) keyboard is available to everyone in the Google Play Store now.

I’m currently putting a Samsung Galaxy S IV through its paces for a review and as soon as I heard the news I installed Google Keyboard and it improved the S4 no end.

The Google Keyboard offers a more simplistic typing experience, something which is often being overlooked in favour of more efficient functions or themes. For those that are a fan of gesture typing won’t miss out either. The Google Keyboard has a pretty neat gesture typing feature.

With Google making more of it’s stock features stand alone in the app store it gives the company a chance to update individual features without the need for pointless updates which only offer minor UI changes.

You can download the Google Keyboard for free from the Google Play Store.

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Ramesh Kumar
Ramesh Kumar

This application is incompatible with S3 with Android 4.1.2 That is what the Android play store says when I click on the link in your article above.
I guess you need to do a bit more research!!!

Aaron Richardson

Hey Ramesh, thanks for your comment.

Have you tried searching for the app yourself via the Google Play store and attempted it that way?

I have done my research and it seems like most, if not all, phones are compatible with the keyboard.

Check out that article, the author also has a Galaxy S3 running 4.1.2 and the keyboard works fine. It even fixes the well known fault where the keyboard goes back to default after a reboot.

Ramesh Kumar
Ramesh Kumar

I just checked again. I can download the Korean keyboard that I do not need. But the English keyboard option still does not show up! May be its a region specific offering, though I would be at a loss to explain why the generic English keyboard is not offered everywhere.

By the way, I have an unlocked S3 registered in Singapore.