google-cloud-print-banner-640x312You may or may not know that the Google Cloud Print service isn’t anything new. It’s been implemented in many Google services for a while now, but it seems that Google are having a good time throwing standalone apps at us of already existing features – I’m not complaining, I welcome them all with open arms.

Google Cloud Print does exactly what you think it does. It allows you to print things from your smartphone and tablet to a Cloud ready printer. Bear in mind that you need a Cloud Print compatible printer in order to do this – and it’s probably worth checking before you install the app and try and print, something which some of the reviews on Google Play seemed to have overlooked.

It’s packed full of the usual printer features such as sending most documents and pictures to print as well as track the status of the print job – especially good if you’re away from home.

So if you have a compatible printer, and Android smartphone or tablet (it appears to be compatible with most versions of Android), go grab Google Cloud Print from the Play Store.

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