Ok I’ll admit the title is a little misleading but maybe, maybe it isn’t. But, if you have or if you want Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on 3DS and have a friend who hasn’t yet registered a 3DS they own or is thinking about buying one then this is the perfect time to put that in motion and get some Monster Hunting on! Welcome, to the Monster Hunter Gift & Hunt Promotion.

If you already own and have registered the game or not when you register, before 22:59 (UK time) on the 30th of June with Club Nintendo,  you are eligible to receive a code, a code with the gift of many lost hours. If your friend registers a 3DS or a 3DS XL with Club Nintendo AND enters the recommendation code between now and 22:59 (UK time)  on the 31st of July they will be able to use another code to download a free copy of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate to play by themselves and online.  As long as they use the download code before the 5th of August.

So if you have it, or you’re thinking of getting after George’s review and if you find or have a friend with an unregistered 3DS you can get together and play together. Or you can play separately and talk about your adventures with each other as you wish it had an easy way to get online on 3DS.

Speaking from experience Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is an amazing experience with friends on 3DS XL. On 3DS standard you do find yourself squinting a little but if you got the game free from a friend you can’t really complain. Also if you know someone who has a Wii U and the game, go to their house. They will be able to host great hunts with up to four people via a yummy HDTV.

The announcement of this brings me to two thoughts though. One, is Nintendo just trying to sell more 3DS’ during the summer and two, could this be to raise awareness for Monster Hunter 4 for a possible announcement of a Western release at E3? Please let that be it, please!

Note: This is only for Europe! Sorry to our Asian or American nerd buddies!

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