Guacamelee! Costume Pack DLC 2 Remember Guacamelee? Well if you do – good! If you don’t – make sure to read our review. If you do know about Guacamelee; Graham Smith, co-founder of DrinkBox Studios the developer behind the game has some great news.

Speaking to IGN Smith commented on the success of the games sales both on Vita and PS3 along with plans for the future.

“It has been really successful, if you compare it to our previous games like Mutant Blobs Attack, the sales have been really, really good. It’s great, we’re really happy to be at the top of the charts both in America and Europe.”

DrinkBox Studios also announced today the brand new Costume Pack DLC for Guacamelee! The Costume Pack is available to download now (June 4th) in North America and June 5th Elsewhere.  DLC contains three different consumes that alter the skills of both Juan and Tostada, and hopefully add some more playability to the already awesome game. The Costume Pack also comes with some brand new trophies for you to earn too!

Want some more details on the different costumes? Sure!

Pollo Luchador: You’ll love the soothing caress of your always-regenerating health just as much as the soothing caress of your full-body chicken suit. Is that velvet? Just try to ignore the fact that your stamina doesn’t regenerate as quickly….

Guacamelee! Costume Pack DLC 5Skeleton: Undead luchador not undead enough for you? Become even MORE undead! Tear through your enemies with the implacable stamina of an angry, brittle bone-person — but don’t expect much help from health pickups…

Identity Swap: Tostada is dressed as a brawny wrestler! Juan is spooky and bandagewrapped! Cats are living with dogs! These alternate forms of the main characters have tougher punches but can’t throw for beans.

So to re-cap the Costume Pack DLC will be available on PlayStation 3 and PSVita on today (June 4th) (NA) and then tomorrow (June 5th) (EU) for $1.99, €1.59 or £1.25. Bargain!

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