SpartanAssault1_06801_640screenWe’ve all heard about the rumblings of Microsoft registering countless web domains in the past few days in relation to something called Spartan Assault. Some of us though it was going to be a new Halo game – and in some ways you’d be right.

On the 4th of June all of our suspicions were put to rest as Halo: Spartan Assault wakened from the development ooze and bleary eyed walked into our view. A top down twin-stick shooter made by a joint venture between 343 Industries, the caretakers of the Halo franchise and Vanguard Games of Gatling Gears and Greed Corp fame. With such pedigree this has the makings of a simply incredible twin-stick shooter.

Boasting 25 different missions, leaderboards, weekly challenges (which I hope they do better than Heroes of Ruin) and the ability to unlock achievements and new Spartan insignia and such for your Halo 4 game playing it will also boost up your Halo character.  In it you play as either Spartan Davis or Spartan Sarah Palmer devastating Covenant forces from your base on the UNSC Infinity, bridging the story line gaps between Halo 3 and Halo 4 as well as hopefully bringing more of a solid story to the arrival and origins of the UNSC Infinity and the new Spartan Ops.

At the same time Microsoft announced a partnership with Dark Horse comics to produce a three part series which will chart the induction and training of Commander Sarah Palmer through the Spartan IV program, it will be titled Halo: Initiation.

Ok ok enough of the fluff. You all came here to find out when it was coming out and what for. Well you Xbox fans may be a little disappointed. It is coming to Windows 8 and Surface devices in July with no word of it coming to the 360. It will also boast support for the Xbox 360 wired controller sometime shortly after release.

So what do you guys think? Could this be the next big thing to hit twin stick shooters? Will it get the setting and tone hit better than Kill Team, which was widely regarded as ok? Let us know either in the little box below or tweet us @n3rdabl3.

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