Technology has had a hand in shaping the way we do things. You could even say that technology has changed things because there is no doubt that it has had an impact on our daily lives. It is not uncommon to find technology just about everywhere we go. It has now made its way right into our homes. People are starting to see all of the benefits of technology in home automation services. What was once something out of a science fiction movie can now be a part of your day to day life and one of the most popular innovations is the home cinema system. These bring home that big screen feel without having to leave the comfort of your own home.


We Love to Be Entertained

You will have to admit that films look best on a big, flat screen. Cyber Homes can install a complete home cinema room with anamorphic widescreen and a selection of the world’s best cinema seating. There is nothing better than sitting in a very comfortable chair with a favourite beverage in your hand, your feet propped up and some form of entertainment to take your mind off a crazy day.

Everything Bigger and Better

To put it simply, the home cinema experience takes everything that you love about watching your favourite sports, films or television programmes and makes them better. It amplifies the whole experience. Imagine a comfortable leather cinema style seating arrangement. Using integrated or recessed projectors, screens, LCDs or plasmas, Cyber Homes can offer a multi-room set-up that will hide all your cutting-edge technology and transforms at the touch of a screen into a unique home cinema installation.

Get Visual

No home cinema experience would be complete without a huge high definition display to open a window to another world. Everything looks better on a big high definition display. Imagine watching a Formula 1 race and hearing the cars scream down the track through your surround sound system, like you are actually there. Imagine your favourite football team fighting their way towards victory. The picture is so realistic that you can almost smell the turf from the field. Imagine a science fiction film that transports you to another world. The special effects spring to life on the big screen. You are surrounded by a visual experience unlike anything you will have ever seen.

Treat Your Ears

Now that your sense of vision has been heightened, it is time to assault your sense of hearing. No home cinema experience would be complete without a sound system that put you right in the middle of all the action. The roar of the crowd comes to life behind you. You can hear the opposing team screaming and yelling from every direction. You have now become part of the crowd.

Films also take on an entire new meaning with the right audio system in place. The explosions of a great action scene will make you jump out of your chair. Cars speeding by from the front of the room to the back and from left to right. You are surrounded in sound and your brain is loving every sweet sound as it happens. You are in auditory bliss.

None of this would be possible without the modern technologies that we have today, and you can’t get these types of experiences without a home cinema system.

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