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iMadeFace BackgroundWhen we first announced that iMadeFace was in fact making it’s way to Android I knew we had a wait on our hands. After three months of waiting for the pop-art style face making app to arrive, KeyLoft released the app on Google Play at the end of May and you can download it right now!

If you’re not sure what iMadeFace actually is, it’s a simple face creation app using various different facial features to create either an image that resembles yourself, a friend, or something completely random.

Initially the app launched on iOS and it subsequently blew up. Instagram soon became littered with iMadeFace versions of people, and all of us Android users were left without a clue of what exactly all the hype was about.

If you, like me, have been waiting for this app for months, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s now available on Android and you can download it here, searching for the app in the Google play store does result in the real app being lost amongst various fan apps so look out for the one developed by KeyLoft LLC. I must warn you though that it’s a little buggy with certain parts of the app still in Chinese.

iMadeFace on Google Play

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