Big numbers from Instagram HQ as the Facebook owned photo (and now video) sharing application announced that during the first 24 hours of the service introducing video compatibility an incredible 5 million videos were uploaded.

It was only officially announced a couple of days ago that Instagram users will be able to upload videos to the site and Facebook have proudly released figures for the first day of the feature, which make for impressive reading.

Allegedly within 8 hours of the updated version of the Instagram app becoming available to Android and iOS users there was already a years worth of video shared by punters.

This incredible figure did not even see the peak of the uploading. This came after American basketball team Miami Heat defeated the San Antonio Spurs in the fabled Game 7 of the NBA finals, which saw 40 hours of video being shared per minute, which really is a mind bending figure.

Of course the figures could be attributed to the sheer number of users Instagram can boast, which stands at 130 million selfie taking, food sharing, users. In terms of percentages this kind of makes the 5 million uploaded videos look like the feature wasn’t taken on by a lot of users but this really isn’t the way to look at it, as any you spin this number 5 million uploads in a day is a phenomenal figure.

To be somewhat pedantic, and to carry on our previous comparison between Vine and Instagram, the 13 million looping members of rival video sharing app Vine share around a million videos a day.

This is a lower figure but represents a much higher proportion of users sharing video content, this could probably be explained by the slight difference in features of the two brands however.

So Zuckerberg and co. will be celebrating what must be considered a successful first day of Instagram enabling video sharing but it is important to bear in mind that this is just the first day and shouldn’t be viewed as a trend to come, after all it could just be the ‘newness’ of the feature that drew users in, that and LeBron James dropping an incredible 37 points in the NBA final decider of course.

It will be interesting to see if this high level of upload does continue, if it does other services that offer video sharing options will certainly be concerned but only will time whether Instagram users keep returning to the video sharing feature or whether uploads drop off as the feature looses that new shiny appeal.

Any Instagram users who have jumped in with the video feature? If so what’s your initial opinion? On the other hand any grumbling Vine users who are against Instagram’s introduction of video sharing? Talk it all out in the comment section below.

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