Motorola_VertLast week at All Things Digital’s mobile focused conference D11, Dennis Woodside revealed Motorola’s next flagship device the Moto X or the X Phone as some of you might be more familiar. Along with announcing the phone he also mentioned that the Moto X will be “broadly distributed” across numerous carriers, something we haven’t previously seen with Motorola.

Woodside had a lot to say about the Moto X, he even had one with him on stage, but taking a leaf out of Sony’s book he didn’t actually get the phone out of his pocket to show everyone. That aside what he did have to say about the Moto X left us pretty excited.

The first big thing is that the Moto X will be built in a Fort Worth, Texas it’s the very same factory that was once used to make Nokia phones! ‘MURICA. He also said that  the phone will “know what you want to do before you do.” – a little ambitious if I do say so myself.

No details as to what’s under the hood were revealed, but what we can say is that we can expect it to arrive in the late summer. There’s also the rumour of Vanilla Android being thrown into the mix. Understandable really considering Google now own Motorola.

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