snapchatAh Snapchat, you can never really escape from the news can you? This time it involves the new iOS which was recently announced at Apple’s WWDC a few weeks ago.

One thing Snapchat has been good for (and I use that term loosely) is it’s ability to notify users whether a screenshot has been taken of a snap that has been received by another user. The way this is done is partly down to the way images are viewed on Snapchat. By holding your finger on your screen you’re able to see the images that are sent to you, if you use your remaining fingers to take a screenshot, no matter what method, this ‘interrupts’ the finger viewing and closes the photo. With this method the app can detect whether an unauthorised screenshot has been taken and notifies the sender.

With that in mind let’s look at iOS 7, it has a huge number of new more obvious features that we’re all taking note of like the new notification center and the new icons amongst other things. A little lesser known feature which has come to light recently; the way iOS 7 handles screenshots. In the release notes this is described quite simply as: “Active touches are no longer cancelled when the user takes a screenshot.”

What does that mean for apps like Snapchat and Facebook poke? Well if this feature goes unchanged when iOS 7 is eventually released those who use those apps regularly for sending more intimate pictures may have their images taken without their knowledge.

Some may argue that whether a notification of a screenshot being taken is sent to the sender or not, the receiver still has a copy of the image to do with what they please, I guess it’s better for the sender to know rather than not I suppose?

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