Remember Doodle Jump? The third most popular paid mobile app is getting a bit of a ‘re-vamp’ thanks to the Xbox Live Arcade and Kinect.

Coming two years after developer Lima Sky originally announced the XBLA port for the hyper-popular game, Doodle Jump finally has a price and a June release period.

For just 400 MS points, you can now be the hero. Standing in your living room jumping side to side, launching volleys of nose balls with arm movements, and flapping your wings to fly. It’s an interesting new expansion for the game, and given the simple controls for the mobile version, it seems like a good fit for Kinect.

In a statement released by Lima Sky cofounder Igor Pusenjak said, “We’ve brought the Doodler onto new platforms before, but never like this.”

Doodlin' enemies with Kinect

Other than getting the new and improved layout and Kinect features, players will be investing in new power-ups, bosses, worlds and of course, achievements.

Re-doing the vertical layout into a more intuitive and detailed world, the new port promises to get fans re-interested in the game, and XBLA fans a nice, affordable, family friendly Kinect experience.

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