The title here really speaks for itself. The RPG geniuses over at Level 5 announced in Famitsu that as part of their 15th Anniversary fun and games are bringing 3 new RPGs to smartphones in Japan. All three are scheduled to be filling up SD cards by the end of 2013.

The first of these downloadable time sinks will be named Wonder Flick and feature a soundtrack lovingly composed by game music god, Nobuo Uematsu. Famitsu shows a little concept art that looks like its almost torn from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, not a bad thing I feel. It is said that the game will be going down the path of traditional going out, killing big angry stuff, getting shiny new weapons and items, and using them to kill bigger angry stuff. Level 5 also say that they will be consistently adding content to the game in the form of new lands and enemies to kill. Hopefully these updates will be included in the price of the app at launch at not micro transactions or even expansions purchased after sale.

Pulling into the station second of all is the aptly named Majin Station. Even being from a Japanese developer this one sounds delightfully weird. You fight over territory in a simulation RPG where the train stations of Japan become  the lairs of demons and ghouls for you to kill and probably other such really out their events. If I’m honest after playing train simulators for 3 years of my life every Sunday I’m looking at this one as being one to watch, but I do worry if the enemies buy a season ticket for my service and then I kill them… do I have to refund demon mummy and daddy. And will endless delays be caused by the flayed skin of unfortunate souls along the train lines. Oh wait, its not set in the UK so obviously not.

The final title announced, Chikyu Kaimetsu teki B-kyu Kanojo, is probably the most traditional “Japan-made smartphone RPG” in style. Being set in a world where almost all men are dead and you take your band of battle sisters into fight and take on monsters of all shapes and sizes. Battles are fought using an in-game slot machine where the more you win, the more damage you deal foes. I honestly read about this and my first thoughts were SNOO SNOO. If you didn’t get that you need to watch more Futurama. Sounds very Japanese doesn’t it? The slot machine system is a cool idea but it also sounds like I’d be walking around in some sort of Love Hina fan’s ultimate fantasy. That just feels wrong.

However! As most Level 5 advocates will know. The likelihood of these being translated and coming to Western shores is very slim to almost none. We can live in hope. But honestly, if you want to defeat demons in a train station or go to a world with only women left and fight demons using a slot machine, you might want to go give Rosetta Stone a call. Don’t mention the third game though, or your probably going to end up on some sort of watch list.

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