Mad-Catz-Project-MOJO-Android-Micro-Console-Header-00Around this time three years ago the Android Console market was non existent but ever since that fateful day the OUYA was announced and raised well over it’s Kickstarter goal a fair few different Android based devices have been released/announced. Sadly none of which have really interested me until I heard about Mad Catz new Prokect M.O.J.O.

Project M.O.J.O. “is a high-powered Android micro-console which changes everything!” according to the Mad Catz blog post. Mad Catz have teamed up with IGN to unveil Project M.O.J.O. at this years E3 event.

What makes Project M.O.J.O. stand out for me is the fact that it works with existing Android storefronts such as Google Play or the Amazon App Store something which Nik pointed out in his post titled “OUYA? No thanks. 3 Reasons Why I Won’t Be Getting The OUYA.“. In his post he noted that the OUYA will require you to re-purchase titles that you may already own on your Android smartphone, and Apple iPad for example. That’s multiple copies of the same game on three different devices.

Currently the Project M.O.J.O. is in it’s early prototype stages but the overall concept of the device really stands out to me. I’m pretty excited and it’ll certainly be one to watch.

To read a more in depth preview of the device you can read the exclusive IGN post here.


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