Madden NFL 25

The Man Himself

Following the footsteps of oh so many games lately, EA Sports’ second most popular game is partnering with a big name game store to offer pre-order incentives. Fans who want to get the jump on buying the 25th Anniversary edition of the popular game will be rewarded with three big-time names from San Francisco 49er folklore.

Former owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr., former coach Bill Walsh and – of course – the great Joe Montana will grace the front office, sidelines and field, respectively, when gamers put their name on the list ahead of time at GameStop to get the game on release day.

Why the three 49ers? Well, other than the epic history that is implied by simply uttering their names, they will be utilized in Madden NFL 25‘s new and improved features. In Connected Franchise and EA’s smash sports hit, Ultimate Team mode, players can make use of these un-lockable 49er heroes immediately and with great impact.

These three men join the ranks of already released names like Mike Ditka and William “The Refrigerator” Perry, and of course the cover athlete, Barry Sanders. With the ability to move teams to 17 different cities, use some of the greatest players of all time, and have a completely re-formatted and designed menu look, Madden NFL 25 could somewhat silence yearly criticism’s that EA doesn’t add enough new features to the game with each release. I guess we won’t know for sure until August 27th though.

Want to take up GameStop on their offer? Here, I did the hard work for you. See you on the field.

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