This is just a public service announcement for anyone who is playing Marvel Heroes the latest free to play Diablo/Torchlight style MMO RPG MOBA loot-em-up from Gazillion entertainment that features all of our favourite Marvel Characters.

I’ve received a few reports from players asking me to make this known; Players have been getting double drops of heroes from chests and other places, a little frustrating but all is not lost, maybe. Several users have reported that after contacting Gazillion customer support via a ticket your doubled up character is swapped for another one which might not be as rare but will still be one you don’t already own.

Marvel Heroes Character Drop Woes - n3rdabl3

However I have also received some reports from players that they are being told by customer services that it just happens and it is they should pay to buy some heroes. A very mixed bag of messages I think you can agree although no screen shotted confirmation of this has arrived in my inbox. Though I have received a screenshot of customer services helping another player get a different character drop.

Rarity obviously does factor into this but getting doubles especially of characters is something nobody wants. So if you have this problem drop the Gazillion customer services a ticket and they will help you. If anyone wants to help us help people through these problems don’t hold back and drop us a line with your experiences either in the comments box below, on twitter @n3rdabl3 or press that little Tip Us Off button in the top right hand corner of your screen.

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Uh, you’re SUPPOSED to see duplicate hero drops. Dupe tokens are how you level a hero’s ultimate ability.


LOL WTF! You are not supposed to get duplicate hero drops
allthedeadpools. Why would I want two STORM charactors. The guy who posted this is correct, I have ended up with two of the same charactors and Gazillion have sorted it.


yeah if you get a hero drop that you already have then it leaves your ultimate power. it doesn’t give you two of the game character.