During Microsoft’s big Xbox One event at E3 they ran through a ton of awesome games, one of which is one that we’ve become quite familiar with and that’s Mincraft for the Xbox One. Minecraft Xbox One Editon is set to offer a ton more than what we’re used to on the Xbox 360 version such as bigger and more vast maps and much needed improvements to multiplayer features. One thing it won’t come with however is the opportunity to take your Xbox 360 save over to the Xbox One.

Phil Spencer from Microsoft Studio’s said in reply to transferring saves:

“No, it’s a new product on Xbox One … We’re actually updating it in pretty significant ways for the new platform. Bigger worlds, which don’t translate between the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One.”

This probably leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition fans who have spent countless hours creating epic builds. One thing we can expect is Minecraft Xbox One Edition to be available at launch with Spencer saying: “We’re seeing tremendous usage of Minecraft on the system, so we wanted to make sure it was one of the things that were there for people to go and create on day one,”.

All hope is not lost though with 4J Studio’s (the guys behind bringing the game to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One) saying that they’re in talks with Microsoft on possibly adding the transfer of games onto the Xbox One Edition.

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[Source: OXM via thisisxbox]

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If you own Minecraft on 360, will you have to re-buy it on a XOne? Or will they use the same Marketplace purchase?


The new minecraft is a brand new game so like minecraft 2 so yes you will have to buy it when it comes out