Mirror’s Edge

Mirror's EdgeCould a sequel to DICE and EA’s first person runner be getting a sequel and could that sequel be revealed at E3?

Mirror’s Edge is one of the best first person games that doesn’t involve a gun as the primary weapon. In fact it’s probably the only first person game that doesn’t involve a weapon at all! Since the games initial mediocre success in 2008, the game has gathered a sort of cult following with me included.

Every time Mirror’s Edge 2 has been mentioned in the gaming media I’ve been hoping that it were true but alas, EA has come along to squash the rumour like an unwanted moth on a warm summers evening. But not this time, surely?

It’s been reported that a page for Mirror’s Edge 2 has appeared on EA’s own site, not an accidental Amazon listing (which it has recently appeared on with Xbox One box art), on EA’s very own website. The page has since been taken down, but it was there for sure!

There was nothing on the page, which is a shame, but it gives us Runner wannabes hope that a sequel is on the horizon!

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