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I’m back with my selection of favourite apps for this month!  I’ve been laid up in bed after an operation so have found myself mindlessly scrolling through the Play Store downloading anything and everything, between giggling at some ridiculous apps (extra giggly due to pain meds) or rolling my eyes at the truly naff I’ve found some gems.

Snoopify1) Snoopify

I wanted to hate it, I really did, it’s stupid like really stupid but I can’t stop snoopifying every-bloody-thing. Snoopify is a free app from Snoop Lion or if you’re over 22 like me Snoop Dogg, you can add Snoop themed stickers to your pictures and share them on various social networking platforms. Essentially you take a picture of you, your friends or loved ones and pimp the hell out of it, see I told you it was stupid (but totally fun and not at all a waste of time..). You can buy extra sticker packs for around 64p, this hasn’t interested me because the first pack has all the spliffs and bling that I need to slap on a picture of Mr N3 and our poor unsuspecting pets.

Snoopify is available on iT unes and the Google Play Store.

bloglovin'2) Bloglovin’

I use Bloglovin’ to keep track of the blogs I follow, it’s a sweet and simple RSS aggregator so I was super stoked to see the release of the Bloglovin’ app for IOS and Android followed the major overhaul of the website. As well as being able to keep up to date with your favourites it’s a great way to discover new things to read, it’s easy to navigate around with it’s magazine style format.

Bloglovin’ is free.

Prison break now3) Prison Break Now

I’ve given this game way to much of my time, which annoys me simply because it’s a realllly easy game but yet it’s so frustrating.  You’re an inmate that is trying to escape his cell before being moved to a high security prison, there are 5 levels in which you make various objects like a map, hammer and drill to aid your escape. The reason the game is simple is because it’s just tapping and holding, seriously it just involves tapping the screen. If you tap and hold when the prison guard appears it’s an instant fail, overall you have 14 days (attempts) to get through the 5 levels.

Honestly, I haven’t completed it yet, the furthest I can reach without pushing my phone away from me in frustration is level 4, I repeat, it’s just tapping a screen.

Prison Break Now is available on the Google Play Store and iTunes for free.

If there’s anything you think I should check out in July let me know in the comments below!

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