GS4-Active_008The Sony Xperia Z launched earlier this year and blew us away with it’s military grade waterproofing which was said to enable 30 minutes of submergence in fresh water no deeper than 1 meters. Various water tests ensued as well as an advert from Sony themselves demonstrating the phone being doused with water. Sony appeared to be the only ones considering the more ‘Active’ community of smartphone users, that was, until Samsung announced the ‘Active’ edition of their popular Samsung Galaxy S4.

We recently wrote about some leaked images that appeared of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active but no other information came to light other than it may not be quite the same SGS4 experience. Samsung officially announced the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active yesterday and we can confirm that the leaked images were pretty much spot on, the same also goes for the information provided along with it.

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active is a more rugged smartphone which has qualified protection from dust and water, so much so it’s been given an IP67 classification which if I’m correct is a little better than the Sony Xperia Z’s IP55 and IP57 – though I may be wrong.

“The GALAXY S4 Active is the newest addition to the GALAXY series and is purposefully designed for active users who love the outdoors,” said JK Shin, CEO and President of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung has taken the innovative features of the GALAXY S4 and added breakthrough protective design elements to create a device that thrives in an active environment and is built for a lifestyle of travel and exploration.”

GS4 Active_001The phone itself resembles the original S4, it has the same 1.9Ghz Quad-core processo and 2GB RAM but where this device differs is the screen. It still claims to be full HD but instead of superAMOLED it’s actually HD TFT LCD. The camera has taken a knock too with the Active boasting an 8 mega-pixel snapper. The screen has some improvements over the original S 4 thanks to Glove Touch – and as you may have guessed it allows you to fully use the device wearing gloves.

Though the downgrade in camera might be a bit of a put off Samsung have added something unique to the Active camera called ‘Aqua Mode’. This mode can be used to increase visual quality and clarity for enhanced underwater images and video. Not a bad compromise eh?

Samsung have also done away with the capacitive menu and back keys in favour of more physical ‘clicky’ buttons.

The device hasn’t received a specific launch date just yet but should be available for purchase beginning this summer, with initial retail in the U.S. and Sweden. It will be offered in three different color options: Urban Grey, Dive Blue and Orange Flare. Samsung have promised to demo the device at their “Premiere 2013” show in London on June 20th.

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