Mozilla Firefox OS partners

Mozilla Firefox OS partners

Mozilla have no plans to release their own smartphones running their flagship Firefox OS, it has been announced by Mozilla Mobile Device Senior Vice President Gong Li.

In an interview with Digitimes the Mozilla boss talked at length regarding Firefox OS, smartphone vendors, ODMs and Firefox OS’ place in the market among its rivals, mainly Google’s Android OS.

It is an interesting read and provides an insight into Mozilla’s plans and aspirations for their HTML-5 based software, a system whose mainstream release I am personally eagerly awaiting.

The main news from the interview is the revelation that Mozilla will not be developing their own brand smartphones to house Firefox OS, this will obviously set them apart from the likes of Google, whose Nexus brand competes alongside other smartphones that take on the Android software.

Quite rightly Mr Li claimed that this sort of business practice could create a conflict of interest and it will be a good selling point for Firefox OS to smartphone vendors as they can say, “we will not be getting in your way or competing for your sales”.

It seems as though Mozilla are more keen to create an “ecosystem” of different smartphone vendors and ODMs that work together with Mozilla to make Firefox OS the best it can be, rather than trying to corner and monopolise the smartphone market.

This will be a big selling point to smartphone vendors who are looking to expand their brand into different operating systems, especially at a time when there is some uncertainty over what Google’s acquisition of Motorola will mean for third party vendors that have embraced Android.

The story of Firefox OS is a long one, but it seems that we are finally getting closer to that elusive release date, by this I mean major release date opposed to an obscure developer release as seen with Firefox OS’ first foray into the market through Spain’s Geeksphone, and this revelation shows that Mozilla have considered how to set themselves apart from some of the big competitors currently in the market.

What do you think of Mozilla’s approach? It seems like something that would appeal to smartphone vendors but would a Mozilla branded smartphone appeal to you?

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