Don’t Starve

Don't Starve

Find something to eat before night comes. That’s all I get told. Well thanks ya random big weirdo.

Anyway hi guys and girls, this is James and I’m trying a little Don’t Starve typed up Let’s Play kind of thing to raise awareness first of all for this amazing game and second, E3 is just around the corner and there’s not a whole lot else to play. So I figured why not spend some time playing one of my favourite games so far this year and tell all you wonderful people how it goes and about my journey since everyone’s is different.

To clarify a few details, Don’t Starve is a PC only open world survival game with a randomly generated world every time you play. It can also be modified to make it easier or harder for you as you choose.  Anyway, lets get down to the diary I guess! Ok its partly diary partly a little newbies guide.

2013-06-02_00001Day 1

First things first. Better make me an Axe. So go get some sapling twigs and some flint. Now I’ve got an axe. This is how you should always be starting, without those logs you’re going to have a bad time at night getting killed to death. For that first day at least gather everything you can so you can prepare and stock up for your travels. Picking up some food will mean it goes bad, but within a day or so you’ll be making things to use your food with. After the first night I burnt down a tree got me some charcoal and hid for the night. I sat there quivering as the fire started to dwindle just as the next day arrived.

2013-06-02_00003Day 2

So my second day in this strange place. What else could I do, but make a coat out of grass and get chased by a giant peacock. How my sanity bar isn’t already through the floor I will never know. Then I made a quick trap. These things are great to place near rabbit holes as carrots are normally readily available and you can walk of and come back to find yourself a nice tasty morsel of rabbit sat inside. Well it was tasty after I murdered it, then cooked it.

Also yes cooking! Cooking will normally make a food give you slightly better hunger satiation, as well as normally stay edible for longer.

I kept on foraging for a little bit then realised I didn’t have any grass seconds before darkness fell! Grass is part of what you need to make the first type of fire. So this was a bad thing! Luckily I was in a field of the stuff and grabbed a few bunches. Then in the night I made a hat out of petals. Now I’m a flowery princess…. not the kind you introduce to your cousin Dave/Susan.

Day 3

Day 3 is normally a good day to make a pickaxe and go looking for gold veins or nuggets to make a science machine so you can start to settle a little home base of operations. While I was looking I made a new friend called Chester! Who I assumed would follow me around. He lets me put stuff in his belly for me to get back out. I do hope he doesn’t spoil or eat my food…

I decided with nearby rabbit holes this would be a good place to settle for now as a home. Me and my new friend Chester started to clean up the area. I knew this would only be a temporary base as i start to devour the nearby resources but with a nearby source of good live fresh food how could I say no. Fueling my fire with pine-cones I wondered, will Chester try to eat me tonight?

2013-06-02_00009Day 4

The next day I followed a path and found an even better place. More rabbits plenty of nearby carrots and trees and easily defensible. Maybe this instead would be my new home, although the skeleton that I found may have said otherwise to part of my mind. The worry about this skeleton was suddenly drowned out by the grumbling of my belly. How did I forget food! My hunger levels were rising and my vision blurred. I totally forgot about the rabbit in my bags. Sadly I didn’t want to murder Mr Snufflenose but needs must. He tasted delightful

Also found huge bull things, plenty of manure for me to use in a farm I think. As day turned to night I ate my rabbit, held my pile of poop and wondered what tomorrow will bring, starting to plan my settlement to try and see me through more days.

I hope you enjoy this and will come back tomorrow to read my next instalment, which will probably be less exciting as I pick up the poop of large animals and get followed around by a walking container.

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