Don’t Starve

I’m here again to give you a little dose of one poor sod’s adventure into this incredibly addictive game. If you missed yesterday’s you will find it here

Back to business anyway. We start Day 2 at Day 5…. yeah sorry about that.

Day 5

I ventured off into the wilds again, looking for food be it berries, meat or seeds. Instead I found a winter hat. Don’t know why it was there, was it one of the bulls? Does this mean winter is coming [omg he made a GoT reference that didn’t use spoilers!]. Either way it was now mine, which was helpful because my petal hat was starting to smell as the days and my sweat started to seep into its once colourful dainty petals. I could feel myself going slowly insane. Without a science machine there was nothing I could do. I had to find some gold, without gold in Don’t Starve you can’t really progress as you can’t make the machines needed. I cooked what food I had and prepared, for an expedition to the lost city of El Dorado!…or a big shiny yellow rock.


Day 6

I found a worm hole. These things teleport you to really random places on the map. I figured if I couldn’t find some gold here in the next 2 days I will dive into the worm hole and hope I find some there. Across the river there was a gathering of pig like men. I would call them, pigmen. Further up the area I found a pigman. I didn’t want to hurt him, mainly because my camp didn’t have any means yet to cook bacon. So I gave him a carrot and he gave me a yummy pile of fresh manure. Why do I keep picking up manure? Then upon the horizon, something glinted at me. Was it a bird? Was it a lost tourist trying to find their way to the bus station? No, it was gold! A nugget just sat on the floor! Someone was looking down on me. Now to get back to my campfire. Which took me almost all day to get to.

Day 7

In the night I made a small farm and decided I needed to find some seeds to plant. Also, I’m out of wood, so I as any human being would went into over farming mode and cut down nearly a whole forest. Which nearly drove me insane. But when I found some wood I also grabbed some seeds for my farm, dug up a berry bush and started to make my little home. From my experience in the game so far making a base of operations while you are getting started in the world and learning everything is paramount, you’ve always got a safe place to go to and you can explore in many directions but you always have somewhere to come back to. Then being able to grow your own food means you will never be stuck with nothing to eat.

Day 82013-06-03_00017

I went to cut down a tree. Then broke my axe…. damn it! Made an axe, then realised I needed a shave. Luckily I could make a shaver, so I made a shaver and threw the beard hair in the fire! I felt I was finally getting somewhere. After a little more rummaging I was able to make a wall to start my settlement properly, kill a few more rabbits for food in the process and make myself some ropes. Tomorrow, tomorrow I get experimental….. or I just go mental.

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Sounds like a really good game