Don’t Starve

Don't StarveThis is the third and final instalment of my journey in Don’t Starve. For Day 1 click here and for Day 2 click here.

2013-06-04_00002Day 9

My settlement had to grow, but first I felt it best to go gather some wood to prepare for the coming nights, and the coming of winter. Today is a good day to make a chest I thought, somewhere to store my tools. Exploring some more I stumbled unknowingly into a spiders nest. That didn’t go well. As I fled, I happened upon some lizard furry looking guys. Who also didn’t like me! Perhaps I should be focusing on making some self defense equipment. Making my chest now made this much easier. I could store many of my supplies without the fear of them running away in Chesters belly


Day 10

Realising as I woke up that severe injury had been caused by the spiders and the evil lizard men things, that happened to be living 30 seconds away form my home I was afraid my life would soon come to an abrupt end. What if they came to eat me. Afterall surely it isn’t only me here who’s first thoughts are to not starve. In this light instead of trying to make a spear first I vyed for a log suit. This would help me as the world became more angered at my presence within it and violent towards me as I simply tried to survive. Using the old grass suit to fuel the flames keeping me safe I prepared for my 11th day in this wasteland.


2013-06-04_00006Day 11

The day started with a splash of fashion, a delightful straw hat. However in my idiocy i slipped and stepped on a frog, that proceeded to try and kill me. I was severely injured, not sure if survival was something that would bless me. A sound, like footsteps. What was it? I was attacked! So there were carnivores in this world. And they didn’t like me! But it dropped food. How would it taste? The bitter shock ran through my system! It damn near killed me! Was one more day in this world going to kill me?


Day 12

If I’m going to die, I’m going to die clean shaven! I wandered through just hoping to get a lucky break and find something to eat or a nice peaceful place full of trees where i could build my settlement. And I stumbled upon another pigman settlement. They seemed nice again and i fed 2 of them berries and decided I needed some rope. So I went to collect some grass from their settlement and its heaving piles of the stuff. However… I didn’t know there was a pig hiding, i obviously managed to annoy the pig. I valiantly fought them off as they surrounded me but it wasn’t enough and sadly I was killed by the people I’d fed….


So I hope you all enjoyed 12 days of Starvemas, not as many presents and more pig crap than most peoples Christmas’. If you enjoyed it a lot then by all means contact myself or tweet us @n3rdabl3 or leave us a comment if you want to see me go through Don’t Starve again or if you have any suggestions for other games I could play in this style.


Never forget kids, always keep a winter hat handy. And don’t eat brown piles of snow in Summer, its not snow.

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