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It’s been a while since I picked up a basketball or even with a controller to pick up a basketball but after EA Sports reveal for NBA Live 14, I’m going to be dusting off the sneakers and digging out my jerseys.

NBA Live 14EA announced the use of their new engine for EA Sports titles – Ignite with the help from Cleveland Cavilers Point Guard, Kyrie Irving. EA’s main focus is dribbling, making sure that the ball will move free and not on a line like in previous games. Dribbling is now meant to be more tenacious, a tool that can open up a game, that can snap ankles and change the pace of a game in an instant. In my opinion it looks truly amazing.

As well as a sweet trailer, we were given details into some of the key features of NBA Live 14: bounceTek – like I already said will have the look and feel of how the ball moves against the hardwood revitalised for a brand new gaming experience. Another key feature was the character stats now updated within an hour of happening in real time. These features and others added to the new engine will see NBA Live 14 becoming a great game.

Keep it here for more E3 news all night and for the rest of the week! Also let us know what you’re liking and hating in the comments below!

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