princeofpersia924This was a piece of Information that was posted on the Prince of Persia Facebook page yesterday. What does it mean? No clue yet. A loyal reader of Gameinformer happened to spot this tid-bit of information on their page. Is it some kind of cryptic message or does it mean something big for the fans of Prince of Persia?

From the artwork from Climax Studios that Gameinformer showed back in April, we are hoping that the news might have something to do with that. We are just not sure what it could be.

What we do know, is it seems that Ubisoft is moving away from interactive entertainment, so there is a chance that this could be another big budget movie. Even if it is another game announcement it might not be anything new, though we do know Ubisoft have a Prince of Persia game in the works. Whatever it is hopefully, for the fans, it’s good news.

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