If you were ever a fan of Earthworm Jim and the underrated Neverhood games then we have some great news for you. Doug Tenpal and the creators of Neverhood are getting back together to create another stop motion game, Armikrog. What’s better is that it might be coming to the Wii-U.cee6a1d2858ef5a1a62c78d4a42eb69a_large

Not long after E3 had finished Nintendo contacted Pencil Test Studios to ask them if they could put Armikrog onto their most recent platform. This would be an interesting choice as a game such as this would fully utilise the mechanics of the Wii-U gamepad.

 “After E3 we were contacted by Nintendo and we’re talking to them about the possibility of releasing Armikrog on the Wii U. There’s nothing concrete to report yet, but we’re encouraged by their interest and we’d like to see it happen.”

The downside to all this is that Armikrog originally started as a Kickstarter to get the game running but is only a few days away before the Kickstarter is closed. They haven’t exactly reached their goal but they’re not far from it. So there is a slight possibility this game may not come to light unless their fans pull through.

All the information for their Kickstarter can be found here. I know I’ve pledged, have you?

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