I believe it’s safe to say that many a fan of Earthworm Jim and Neverhood will be throwing their hats in the air and jumping for joy. Pencil Test Studios have reached their Kickstarter for Armikrog to be released on not only the Wii-U but also the PC, Linux and Mac. Fans really pulled through for the company by not only reaching the goal of $900,000 but surpassing it by $74,578, so technically $977,578 altogether.

The Wii-U edition will put the gamepad into good use by allowing the player to look inside their inventory as well as a nifty rumble feature whenever Tommynaught makes any movement and finally the ability to see dead people by pointing at the television screen to the ghosts that inhabit that section of the area, the ability which is provided by Beak-Beak, Tommynaughts blind buddy, who happens to be a dog that can talk.

I, along with a great deal of fans, cannot wait for the release of this game.

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