PS4 Headset

PS4 Headset

Following another recent Tweet and sneak peek into the new PlayStation 4 interface, potential (and loyal) Sony customers have reacted appreciatively toward the effort developers have poured into rejuvenating the PlayStation experience as a whole. The inclusion of a simple-but-functional mono headset – which will ship with every brand new PlayStation 4 – has widely been received as another positive addition to the upcoming console.

The headset looks to be a move towards encouraging more online gaming and voice communication between players than what occurs at present, and carries the option of cross-game chatting, with the device connecting directly into the wireless DUALSHOCK 4 controller to save hassle. Moreover, Sony have cleverly swiped Nintendo‘s idea of adding a speaker into the DUALSHOCK 4 itself, meaning gamers can enjoy the “high-fidelity sound effects” of twelve-year-olds being shot down in Call of Duty whilst laughing about it with their friends, or just arguing with said twelve-year-olds for shooting them down in the first place – age restrictions apply for a reason, kids! Since many have also been raising the question of battery life in light of these improvements, Sony have confirmed that the controller can now be charged with the console set to ‘standby’ to save a few pence on the electricity bill.

Whilst this unquestionably-nice little freebie miiight give rise to an increase in irritating playground banter, criticisms thus far have been few and far-between; the most common of which seeming to be that such a device will feel incredibly outdated against the capabilities of the PlayStation 4 and other devices available on the market today. For those that find the prospect of communicating with a slightly-uncomfortable-looking-and-sounding headset a bit of a pain, fear not, as other types of headset (USB, Bluetooth etc.) are also set to be compatible with the PlayStation 4. But then, water always tastes better when it’s free.

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