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Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 7.39.27 PMIt seems that Sony may have won the hearts of many after they announced last night that the PlayStation 4 won’t restrict used games and can be played 24/7 without an internet connection. To add salt to Microsoft’s wounds Shuhei Yoshida announced on Twitter today that the PlayStation 4 is also region free.

What this means is that you can import both the console and games from the US, Japan, and Europe and play them without any problems, whether you’re from the US, Japan, or Europe. This can currently be done with the PlayStation 3 as that is also region free so again, Sony aren’t really announcing anything revolutionary but compared to the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One it seems like this might be another factor people will take into account when choosing their next generation console.

Personally this means nothing to me; I don’t plan on, nor have I ever thought about importing games and even though I’m firmly sticking with Microsoft, even if the Xbox One was region free I wouldn’t look into importing games.

What does this mean to you? Are you in my boat or are you an avid game importer? Leave a comment below!

[Source: Twitter]

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