Prey 2

Prey 2

It seems that Arkane Austin (developers behind Dishonored) have taken the reigns of the up and coming game, Prey. The game supposedly has a release date of 2016, but not by choice. They allegedly have taken all the work that Human Head had done and restarting the whole project from scratch courtesy of Bethesda.

It seems that Human Head had the game finished, only to have Bethesda turn their back on the whole project and told to start from scratch. Bethesda then began searching for someone to continue on with the development of the title. Some developers, such as the California- based Obsidian and England-based Rebellion turned down the opportunity. It seems that Rebellion Studios also turned it down based on Bethesda’s low funding. Bethesda finally found the Arkane Austin team and decided that they would be perfect for the project though some of the developers at Arkane Austin really gave the impression they did not want anything to do with it.

One concern that has risen to the surface seems to be that a demo of the game had already been released and video has been seen of Human Heads previous work on the game. Now that Bethesda has ripped the project from the hands of the developers at Human Heads, it makes people wonder what it is going to look, feel, and play like. With any luck the Dishonored team will prove they are worthy once again, and show what they are capable of.

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