beatbuddyBeatBuddy fantastically beautiful music based action puzzle game. It’s also the first game that German game development studio Threaks have ever worked on and I must say, they’ve done an amazing job.

The game itself is fairly simple but it’s a lot of fun. You must navigate the little blue BeatBuddy around as he fights to save his beloved homeland. Along your journey you’re introduced to new types of creatures that play music, these creatures can also get in the way and you’re required to work out how to temporarily disable them or get through them following the beat of the music.

beatbuddy1The game itself is gorgeous, the environments are all hand painted and you can really tell a lot of work went into the game. I managed to talk with Denis Rogic, the guy behind the level designs and the overall environments. He told me about the game and how much work has currently gone into BeatBuddy, he also told me how they’ve managed to work with some awesome names in the business such as exclusive songs from composers like Austin Wintory (Journey for PS3),  Parov Stelar and Sabrepulse (Chime PS3). He also told me that the story was accompanied by Rhianna Pratchett (Mirror’s Edge, Tomb Raider) which he seemed really excited about.

The short demo that I tried at Rezzed did a great job of showing me some of the basics within the game as well as a few game play elements that I’ll find in the full version. The controls were simple and elegant, the movements of the BeatBuddy was well executed and flowed really well. The game includes various obstacles which you’ll need to overcome by hitting the beat at the right time, there’s also timed obstacles such as the strange Hi-Hat crabs which you need to stop by hitting the main ‘conducter’ crab –  one done this lasts for a few seconds until they pop back out and start tip tapping all over again, if you get caught; game over.

There are also various puzzles which I was required to complete for me to continue such as finding a missing part of the Snare Gate in order for the door to open and let me go on my way,

beatbuddy3Further into the demo I was introduced to a new contraption which the BeatBuddy uses to get around quicker. Think of it as some sort of bad ass underwater space pod. This space pod had a more difficult sense of movement as it bopped along with the beat so a sense of timing is needed for you to get through the snare bubbles and to navigate around the map without getting hurt.

BeatBuddy is definitely a really fun game and the short 5 minute demo I played was only a tiny portion of the overall game. With around 6 hours of gameplay overall BeatBuddy is certainly going to keep me occupied.

Threaks hope to launch the game sometime next month providing everything goes well. Personally I don’t think words are enough to describe how gorgeous this game is I definitely recommend picking it up when it launches on Steam in July (hopefully). There are also plans on bringing the game to current gen consoles but for now Threaks are concentrating on the initial release on PC, Linux and Mac.

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