Quick Draw

Quick DrawWe’ve all seen at least one western movie, right? We all know that at least once in the film there’s a tense stand-off between two gunslingers itching to pull their six-shooter before the other to become the wildest cowboy in the west. As a kid I tried to re-enact this a million times but there was never anything to judge who pulled their gun first!

Located right at the back of Rezzed with a handful of PlayStation Move controllers was Stephen Morris, he seemed excited to show everyone something and was handing out the Move controllers to passers by so they could come and play a round of QuickDraw. Little did we know how actually fun this game would be.

We didn’t have much to go by when looking at Morris’s make-shift stand, it wasn’t like everyone else’s, he had a little table with a widescreen TV which displayed the image I have above – nothing else to go by. After he managed to grab enough people (trust me it wasn’t too difficult) a small crowd began to gather. He explained the concept of the game, we all have to stand in a circle with our Move controllers by our sides, some tense western-style music will start to play and as soon as we hear the gunshot sound we pull our Move controllers up, point at the person we don’t like the most, and pull the trigger – the winner is the person who pulled their trigger the fastest and at the end was left with their move controller anything but the colour red – red meant dead. The direction we aimed didn’t really make a difference, but it added to the effect.

QuickDraw_Stance_GreenflyStudiosLet me tell you one thing, QuickDraw was a lot of fun, a serious amount of fun. I’m even close to saying that it’s probably the game I came away from Rezzed thinking about the most.

After a couple of attempts at the game mode I described above, I lost every round and somehow I also managed to shoot myself in the foot – yeah.. Next Morris went through the next game mode, the Code Duello. We all faced back to back with our Move controllers by our heads, at every bell chime we all took a step forward until we heard the gun shot, spun around, and shoot. Again, I lost every round but that didn’t ruin the fun at all.

Next he introduced another game type completely different from QuickDraw – Glow Tag. This was probably the funniest game type as it involved everyone having a PSMove controller in their back pocked with the trigger facing outwards. This was a simple as the game of tag that we all played at school but it involved everyone chasing the person who’s controller was alight and grabbing or slapping them on the ass – seriously, I’m not kidding.

It was a mental 10 minutes of running around avoiding getting caught with several players ending up on the floor or amongst the onlooking crowd.

GreenFly Studios have created a really fun game, what they have is comedy gold and a hell of a lot of fun. I personally can’t see how this could be played in the home because you need a lot of space, but as a festival or party game I could definitely see this game taking off. GreenFly Studio’s are currently attending a bunch if different events so you can try QuickDraw and Glow Tag for yourself, I definitely recommend it.

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