SR4_BeautyShot_4R1_final_pegiDildo bats at the ready everyone. Saints Row 4 is coming and the collectors edition has been detailed. No big ungainly wobbling male appendages here today kids. Instead we have the Super Dangerous Wub Wub edition.

Available for pre order from all UK gaming retailers in limited quantities with a RRP of £89.99 you can be prepared to spread the wub with a 12 inch Dub Step gun replica capable of rendering your enemies absolutely speechless with the power of wub and getting you looked at in the street. Note: any physical injury caused to you for using this by the general public does not mean that we, Deep Silver or anyone else is liable for your own stupidity other than yourself.

Also including an 8 inch figurine of a Johnny Gat Memorial Statue and a pocket sized Dub-step Doomsday Button I would like to announce this is one of the best packed collectors editions I’ve seen for at least a few months. Some could say I even -dubbed- it so. Oh aren’t I hilarious…. please someone save me from the punnage.

In the game itself, which will come housed in an exclusive to the collectors edition case you will be able to pull out that little piece of paper and input codes to get some typically over the top Saints Row weapons and outfits. These are the Screaming Eagle VTOL which can launch rockets and invoke a “Sonic Scream attack much like the one you’ll be hoping to use on unsuspecting passers by with the Dub Step gun, a limited edition ‘Uncle Sam’ uniform typically understated and covered in American flags and the ‘Merica gun. A gun which probably kills things with rockets or ticker tape or something else deliciously unhinged.SR4_Mech_Meets_Aliens

Launching on August the 23rd this will be a collectors edition that fans will love and anyone within earshot of you will hate if you press the buttons. Any Saints Row fans getting it? Or are you going to spend your time still bowing before the Dildo Bats and not falling into the wub wub filled cacophony of Saints Row IV.

Leave your thoughts, views comments or links to endless dub step tracks in the comments below, or throw them at us on twitter @n3rdabl3. Just so you know, every time you wub, god kills a baby yeti. Make your choice!

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