duckduckgoEver since the drama began with the NSA spying on everyone people seem to be a lot more security concious, so much so that DuckDuckGo, a search engine that prides itself on being anonymous giving users the freedom to browse and search for whatever they want safe in the knowledge that their online footprints aren’t being followed, has had a huge boost in popularity – so much so that it’s launched it’s very own Android App.

Personally I haven’t been following this NSA whistleblower PRISM spy drama but what I do know is that a lot of people are concerned for their privacy so much so that two weeks ago when this all kicked off DuckDuckGo started to receive a huge boost in it’s website usage.

A few days ago saw the release of the Duck Duck Go app for Android which aims to bring it’s speedy anonymous web search to the mobile platform. As well as anonymous and bubble free web search the app also offers a new feature which shows you some of the top stories based on your search – think Google’s News feature.

If you’re after a little more info, here’s the Google Play description:

DuckDuckGo Search & Stories offers you a better way to search and a new take on Stories.
• Search anonymously.
• Find instantly.
• Stories you’ll love.
Search anonymously. We believe in better search and real privacy at the same time. That’s why:
• We don’t track you:
• We don’t filter bubble you:
• We don’t collect or share your personal information.
• When you search DuckDuckGo, you are anonymous.
Find instantly. Our app has tons of instant answers, which means you have to work less to get what you really want.
• Get answers from hundreds of sources.
• Auto-complete to answers instead of just searches.
• Search directly on thousands of other sites with !bang commands.
Stories you’ll love. We only feature the most shared stories from hand-crafted sources:
• Just #1 stories like most emailed or upvoted
• No depressing news or graphic content
• No repeat topics per day (even across sources)
• Readability view with search suggestions that tie Search & Stories together.


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