simcityYou know what’s missing in your city? A lack of colour, flair or maybe it’s because your people are tired of travelling by car or public transport. Perhaps your business is faltering because you’re not advertising it well enough.

Well worry no more SimCity owner, EA has announced in its latest DLC, The Airship pack, that allows you, the mayor of the city, to supply you with a variety of options, because the sky is the limit.

The Airship DLC adds Blimps, Hot Air Balloons parks, a commuter’s airship plus a brand new tourist location. With the additional Airship Hangar will bring in tourists from the region via airship, how awesome is that? If that doesn’t ruffle your metaphorical feathers you can always destroy the rush hour of traffic by having citisens go to and from work using airships.

This brand new airship DLC will give those citizens of the rich and famous a chance to enjoy the view from inside a hot air balloon on the Hot Air Balloon Park, the perfect place for them to soak up all that polluted air. Lastly, for advertisement purposes, Blimps will fly around the city announcing special events which will boost attendance to concerts and stadiums.

It’s available through Origin and for only $9 (£6 for UK) this DLC is just “Flying” away. Puns are hard, guys.

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