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PLYR1In the recent past Skullcandy have brought 2 different headsets to the gaming market, the SLYR and the PLYR2 and now arrives their latest creation. The PLYR 1, is a gaming headset with all the necessary trimmings and a few you might not have expected to see.

For one they are pretty little things like all Skullcandy headphones and headsets are. Who cares if when you’re sat in your house no-one else can see you, as long as you know you look pretty then everything is OK. They can also rest on a little dock which acts as the wireless antennae and wouldn’t look out of place on anyone’s gaming set up be it next to the TV or on the PC table.

Looking pretty isn’t enough for us gamers, we want style and substance and loads of lighting up flashy buttons to fiddle with.  I don’t really need to go through them all you just need to look at it. Plenty of things to mess with while you pretend to be Marcus Fenix or indeed any games character nearly who talks to a colleague with your hands inexplicably fiddling around your hearing holes.

Enough of the other stuff lets get down to business here. You invest in a set of headphones for a price like this because you want the highest available to sound quality to be ferried into your brain. Using a combination of Skullcandy’s Supreme Sound technology and Dolby 7.1 surround sound you are able to get the powerful bass notes from your rifle or the shrieking parry scratches from your sword in a precise high range as your friends are tuned to exactly the right volume for you to hear their barked orders and wanton cries for help.

PLYR1 white

But maybe you’re the person they made the Xbox One for and you just want to watch TV and listen to music on your consoles-and you’re catered for too. Using different equalizer modes you can set the headset up for exactly what you need be it movies games or music using three set modes; Bass Mode, Supreme Mode and Precision Mode.

The PLYR1 also brings to the jam session a pivoting mic which allows you to near instantly mute yourself with a pivoting boom mic, crystal clear wireless sound technology, and bringing itself to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC (sorry WiiU players) but with no word on whether they will be compatible with the next gen although I’m sure they will be available for use on these platforms in some shape or form.

American consumers can find these available now for $179.99.  There is also an exclusive blue version of the popular Skullcandy SLYR wired gaming headset, is also available now at Best Buy for $79.99. For those of us in Europe or anywhere else I have been unable to find a retailer selling them although I’m sure one will come up. If you find one drop us a comment or a tweet @n3rdabl3 so we can inform the world!

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