smartisanOSI’m a huge fan of custom ROMS, I’ve tried almost all of them from MIUI to Paranoid Android but I’ve been keeping my eye on one in particular: Smartisan OS and now a pre-alpha build is finally available for those with a Galaxy S III (i9300).

You probably wouldn’t be able to tell from my cluttered desk and scruffy appearance but I’m a huge fan of minimalism and things being in order – when it comes to tech anyway.. Smartisan is just that though, it’s simple, and clean looking and now it’s finally available to download providing you have a Samsung Galaxy S III i9300 and have an understanding of the Chinese language.

If you’re brave enough to let a very early build of Smartisan on your Galaxy S III then check out their page here for a chance to grab the ROM. You will need a Windows PC (probably not RT however) to flash the OS on your phone too.

If you don’y have a Galaxy S III you can always wait for Smartisan OS on HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S II, Xiaomi Phone 2, and Samsung Galaxy Note II or even better hold out much longer for Smartisan to release their own phone which is due out sometime next year.

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