snapchatOh Snapchat, you were doing everything right but then you had to go and add a ‘z’ to the end of a word that did not need a Z adding, why Snapchat, why?

Snapkidz isn’t a new app to download, it lives within the original iOS app and comes into effect when a user signs up and enters their age, if they are under 13 the  altered version of Snapchat kicks in.

The photo sharing app that automatically deletes the images after a set time has been completely switched up for this new venture, it’d be fair to say that any kids that sign up aren’t really getting the true Snapchat experience, but it’s impossible to keep something even slightly the same when that’s the whole reason kiddies shouldn’t be using it. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act requires certain safeguards to be put in place for Minors so basically they can use the app but it’s not really the app we all know and kinda’, sorta’ love.

Of course a cheeky wee pre-teen can lie about his or her age and gain access to all of the ‘grown up’ features and there’s really noway of stopping that from happening but for those that enter their age honestly during the sign up process will be able to take pictures, caption them, draw on them and then save them locally  to the device, they can’t receive/send friend requests, the update does not support sending or receiving the snaps (not in the app at least).

I get the idea, I do, but it’s so easily worked around I’d say it’s just Snapchats attempt at deterring kids from using the controversial app, keeping parents happy, and covering their own backs all at the same time.


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