PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3

The latest PlayStation 3 firmware update (version 4.45) has undoubtedly stumped an apologetic Sony and its consumers after leaving them hanging at the console’s startup screenTweeting earlier today, the corporation has now become “aware of reports that the recent PS3 update (4.45) has caused” and are now investigating. It is not yet certain how many systems have been rendered temporarily nonfunctional by this latest mishap, but users can feel somewhat reassured in knowing that an updated, safe version of 4.45 will be available “as soon as possible”.

Such a problem could not have come at a worse time, with Microsoft recently announcing a U-turn on some controversial features of the Xbox One, including those related to game sharing restrictions and the need for a practically-constant internet connection to play offline games.

Whilst PlayStation 3 owners are now left to twiddle their thumbs for a bit, Xbox fans have been given one more thing to smile about – at least for the time being.

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