XperiaZ-Press-02-380-75Before I even had the chance to write about the rumours of the Sony Xperia Z Google Edition, sources connected to Android Central have in fact confirmed that Sony are preparing a ‘Google Edition’ version of the rugged waterproof handset.

Following the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S IV Google Edition, and the HTC One Google Edition, there were various rumours pointing to a Sony Xperia Z of the same. Each handset including the Xperia Z is expected to be sold through Google Play much like the popular Nexus 4 sometime this year in the US. We’re yet to hear word of the UK Google Play Store selling the three Google Edition handsets.

The advantages of having a ‘Google Edition’ handset is the option to receive speedier Android updates, a completely bloatware free operating system, and complete carrier freedom. The reason I switched from a Samsung device was the ability to get away from the TouchWiz UI in favour of a more vanilla Android experience.

It’s unclear right now whether the Google Edition of the Xperia Z will come with the many Sony experiences such as the Bravia Engine, and the Superior Auto shooting mode that the Xperia Camera offers. We’ll be waiting in anticipation for an official statement from Sony to confirm more details.

[Source: Android Central]

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