instagramFacebook are planing a big press event on June 20th. Some rumours are pointing to a news reading app but according to Tech Crunch sources Facebook could be announcing Vine-like video posts coming to Instagram. Could it be?

Whether the source is correct or not remains to be seen as Facebook work pretty hard to keep their press events under wraps so this could in fact be a diversion to keep us off the Facebook scent.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard of Instagram getting their own video sharing feature. Just under a month ago journalist Matthew Keys broke the news initially about Instagram were currently testing video posting feature. Even then details were a little thin but just like Vine he noted that the video’s will be around 5 to 10 seconds long.

Whether it’s true or a diversion tactic it seems like Facebook would be missing a beat if it isn’t true.

Recently Vine became available on Android and despite some early teething problems the app has shot up the ranks and is currently sat at number 57 in the Google Play top free apps. It’s a truly fantastic app and one I’ve been using non stop since I downloaded it.

As always we’d love to hear your opinion, should Instagram get video sharing or is one app enough? Leave a comment below!

[Source: TechCrunch]

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