Spartacus Legends

I welcome you to the barbaric ancient world sport that is Gladiatorial fighting. I know what you’re thinking; this is going to be a Mortal Kombat rip off, but where did you think Mortal Kombat got their idea from? Mortal Kombat is based on ancient Gladiatorial fighting that’s were the title Mortal Combat comes from (which means fight to the death), but they used a “K” instead of a “C”.

Anyway this game is fantastic; the way it plaspartacus fightingys, the way it looks, and how sounds. Lets start off with the visuals, considering it’s a downloadable title the visuals are quite good, from the environments to audience, even down to the damage shown on the fighters like cuts, bruises, and the blood from their enemies.

The sound design is exquisite because you really feel like you are in a fighting arena with everyone cheering you along or boo you when you kick your opponent when they’re down. The sounds of the weapons as they connect with the flesh of you enemy’s body makes a satisfying slicing and crunching sound and you watch the blood fly out of them.

So let me explain the premise of this game. It’s a free-to-play game, there’s no story to it and you must conquer each district to make a name for your character. It starts off easy, but there are random spikes in difficulty. Don’t get me wrong I like a challenge, but I do not like cheap difficulty. You can level up your character and equipping him with new weapons and armour. How you acquire new weapons and armour is by winning fights which will earn you gold and silver, but you only win gold when you level up. The characters that you control feel weighty and stiff, but that’s what you would expect from gladiatorial fighting game where they’re carrying heavy equipment such as armour and warhammers.

There are many classes to choose from such as a duel wielding swordsman to a warrior that use a trident, the two classes that I use the most are sword and shield and duel daggers for a fast and nimble approach to tackle the slow opponents with two handed swords.  All the battles are laid out on an overworld map it kind of reminds me of SoulCalibur 2’s story mode, they are all separated out in different districts, you start in a poor plebeian area then you move your way up to the patrician district.

Spartacus execution

In certain fights the requirements of the battle will change, such as you will have to fight with certain weapons to either match the sparing partner or to give them a challenge. The one that annoyed the most was one that fought bare knuckled and he would get into a frenzy and kick the hell out of me, this is an example of spikes in difficulty.

In Spartacus Legends there’s a way that you can pull of executions. In order to do this you have to fill a bar up which is the crowd favour, which will go up the more you hit your opponent or it will go down if you run away and get hit all the time. When you reach the end of the fight you will have the option to execute your foe in the most barbaric way if the crowd still favour you.

Overall it’s all good fun brutality, it has a few problems like the random spikes in difficulty and the day one server problems (which have now been fixed) but that does not make it a bad game. You have no excuse to download it and try it, it’s free!

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spikes in difficulty is an under statement . opponents that are your level will suddenly get impossable to beat . not to mention to stay on par with opponents you have to buy gold to use in game .at first it was fun but then by ludis lvl 9 it was stupidly difficult and not worth the time or money to keep playing .i hope they make changes but as a fan of the show im extremly let down . i would rather pay money up front for a better game then get a free one that i need to… Read more »

Matt Micronaut Ahern
Matt Micronaut Ahern

I noticed that the “bosses” in the game were a cake-walk compared to some of the generic gladiators. It made absolutely no sense. for example I beat a gladiator with over 100 skill rating but got my ass kicked by a 40 skill level.