State of Decay

The game that I’ve been raving on about since the beginning of the year has finally gotten a release date! State of Decay has been in the making for quite some time now by the studio, Undead Labs and is getting a June 5th release date onto the XBOX State of Decay RevealLive Arcade. Yeah the 5th, as in tomorrow. I know.

The open world Zombie survival will apparently be 1,600 Microsoft Points, but that hasn’t been confirmed as of yet. What has been confirmed is a hell of a lot of Zombie killing carnage and possibly one of the best open world survival games to come to consoles? I for one cannot wait for this cheeky little number to come to the XBOX 360 tomorrow. There has still been nothing on the Multiplayer side of the game, Class4 that will eventually run alongside State of Decay. But I suspect once the title is up and running smoothly and the initial teething problems are out the way, Undead Labs will begin creating a fantastic Multiplayer world for us and  friends to survive in.

There has also been no word on the PC port of the game but as with most thing that come to a console, PC gamers will just have to wait a while.

Keep a close eye on the XBLA Marketplace tomorrow for what I hope will be a truly amazing game! Let me know what you think of State of Decay in the comments below, have you been following its development from the beginning or is this all new news to you?

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